Hardness Testing (HT)

Drop off by 5pm, pick up at 8am the next day!

Findings report provided at time of job completion!

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Fastest turn around time in Houston

Driver pulls up, enjoys comforts of home with wifi, TV, food and beverages while truck is unloaded, items immediately examined and loaded for shipment!  Findings report is emailed before your driver returns.

NDT-PRO's "RWWT" program includes:

NDT-PRO's Visual Inspection Services  Include:

Visual Inspection (VT, CWI)

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI, MT)

NDT-PRO's Rapid response program includes:

Gamma ray

Industrial radiography

NDT-PRO's Magnetic Particle Services Include:

Certified Weld Inspector (CWI)

Level II & III Inspectors

Borescope Imaging

NDT-PRO's Ultrasonic Services Include:


Solvent Removable

Water Washable

Color Contrast

Types I, II

Method A, B, C, D

Levels I, II, III

Ultrasonic Testing Services (UT)

"Rapid Response" Program

NDT-PRO's Demagnetizing Services Include:

Radiographic Testing (RT, X-Ray)

Liquid Dye Penetrant (LPT, PT, LP, DP, LDP)

Findings report provided at time of job completion

Quarterly written skill set examination of Technicians
Annual formal training  and certification requirement of Technicians
ZERO tolerance for error discipline

NDT-PRO's Liquid Penetrant Services  Include:

Reversing Full Wave DC (FWDC)

Alternating Current (AC) "Pull Through"

Decaying Alternating Current (AC)

The NDT-PRO Advantage

Eddy Current Inspection (ECT, ET)

With a full-time staff of qualified technicians and inspectors, NDT-PRO Services prides itself on its Rapid Response and is committed to providing complete customer satisfaction, through the utilization of some of the most advanced NDT inspection methods available including but not limited to:

NDT-PRO's Hardness Services  Include:

NDT-PRO's Eddy Current Services Include:

"Rest While We Test" Program

NDT-PRO's Radiography Services Include:

Our success depends on our ability to provide our customers with their unique solution, below are a some of the programs and methods offered for our non destructive testing in Houston

Demagnetize (Demag)

MPI Dry Visible

MPI Wet Visible

MPI Wet Florescent

AC or DC Current

UT Shear Wave (TOFT, A-scan, B-Scan)

UT Phased Array (PAUT)

UT Thickness (UTT, Digital Thickness)

UT Longitudinal (Straight Beam) 

UT Guided Wave (GWT)

Coating Thickness Measurement


Bolt Hole Inspection

Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection

Thru-Painted Surface Inspection

Cladding Thickness (Magnetic Induction)





Kingscan Automated Optical

NDT-PRO Services (ISO 9001:2015 Registered) offers the fastest turn around times in the Houston area for their Machine Shop customer base with a centrally located 15,000 Square Foot Facility.  Offering a full suite of methods in non destructive testing (or non destructive examination, NDE).  Understanding deadlines are critical and not always within the standard business hours Monday through Friday, NDT-PRO offers services every day of the year, 24 hours a day!  
Specialty NDT services provided on a vast cross section of items including:

  •   Forgings
  •   Castings
  •   Rigging and Platforms
  •   Plate
  •   Tube
  •   Aerospace Materials, Components and Structures
  •   Welding in Fabrications and Pressure Vessels                    
  •   Bar
  •   Extruded materials
  •   Composite Structures and Components
  •   Well line and casing
  •   Drill pipe, Bottom Hole Assembly - BHA